Dominic Henderson is a London-based uilleann pipes and whistle player, whose musical roots go back to the Manchester Irish and County Donegal via his grandfather, and to the Welsh valleys where his mother was born. Growing up around the Irish music scene in North London, he developed a distinctive style which marries the old and the new, playing with contemporary folk acts such as TEYR and Sargent Gavin Henderson’s Trio.

His folk influences include Moving Hearts, Brian Finnegan, Matt Molloy, Davy Spillane, Horslips and jazz and rock names such as John Coltrane, Herbie Hancock, The Clash and Led Zeppelin. Dominic has worked with an eclectic mix of artists, from small chamber groups performing baroque music to Irish punk bands and has collaborated with well-known English and Irish folk musicians such as Pat Kilbride, Brian Kelly and Jez Hellard.
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