We are thrilled to reveal the new animation for ‘Nothing Grows’! Brought to life by animator and illustrator Sasha Balan, her video explores the song’s poetry and musical patterns. Seeds, mountains, willow trees and the inescapable passage of time all feature in Balan’s poignant rendering of the lyrics by Irish poet Stephen Muldoon. Its release accompanies the launch of our 2017 Summer Tour encompassing 10 concerts across England and France.

Here's some background on the song from our 'Far From The Tree' album booklet.

Travelling through Ireland in late summer we stopped off in Fermanagh, lake county, for a house concert in the kitchen of Maggie and Stephen Muldoon. Aside from being wonderful humans they are also lovers of music and words. This song grew from the kernel of Stephen’s beautiful poetry, in particular, a set of five stanzas about growth and memory. Here’s what he had to say:

I guess when I wrote the words the main thing I had in mind was that nothing happens in a vacuum. If you want something to happen you have to make it so and start somewhere, no matter how great the challenges seem to be. The words relate also to the lives and memory of a few of the good people that I was privileged to know, who may now be gone – in the physical sense anyway, but who made such a positive contribution to life when on this earth; nothing grows where nothing’s been.

And here are the words which became the song:

'Nothing Grows'

Apple grows on apple tree
Mighty oak from bird dropped seed
Chestnut, conker, king of nine
Swinging pendulum piece of twine
Nothing grows where nothings been
Nothing grows where nothings been

Willow slipped, to multiply
woven basket, turf supply
Mountain, ash, rowan berry
Gone you, the flowering cherry
And nothing grows where nothings been
Nothing grows where nothings been

Seed, sapling, branch, the tree
life-cycle, legacy
Seed, sapling, branch, the tree
life-cycle, legacy
Nothing grows where nothings been
Nothing grows where nothings been

Apple blossom in Ireland - Photo by Stephen Muldoon

We're on the road again, this time taking in the sights and sounds of more southerly climes. In the wake of 'Far From The Tree' we've been taking TEYR in some new directions, more improvisation, more fiddle and more diverse influences. We're itching to show you all some of the new tricks up our sleeves. So come find us at one our 10 concerts spread through England, France and of course, Cornwall.

First up we're heading west to Gloucestershire and the Prema Arts Centre where we'll be playing in their concert space with its tasty acoustics. Then we head east and south, stopping at Faversham Nautical Festival before hopping across the channel. There's 4 concerts in France late this month; a house concert in Bourgogne, a Folk Forum 47 concert at Salle Jules Ferry in Lauzun, Lot-et-Garonne, a gig at Le Souleilla, Clermont in the Ariège foothills of the Pyrenees, and finally an open air performance in the courtyard of Maison Fermat, Beaumont de Lomagne in Tarn-et-Garonne.

In August you'll find us at Broadstairs Folk Week at the opening concert on Friday 11th with the mighty Dallahan and Faustus as well as the following day at a more subdued session. The following week we're giving our final London performance of the summer alongside songstress Martha Tilston at a beautiful new music space in Walthamstow, St Mary's Music Hall. Then we quit the city for our summer tour finale with two dates in the west, one in Tommie's hometown of Mousehole at the newly refurbished Solomon Browne Memorial Hall, and then at the best pub on the channel, the Square & Compass on the Isle of Purbeck.

More details of all our gigs can be found over on our gig page. Hope to see all your faces there!

Let the madness commence.
Hello all

We bring you news, real news worthy of large print and the lungs of a town crier.

Our debut album Far From The Tree is but a number of days from launch, this coming Friday 23rd September, and how proud we are. Then to coincide with this rite of passage, we will be embarking upon a nationwide tour of England and Scotland, from Cornwall to the Highlands with over 20 dates.


Far From The Tree brings together our folk ramblings from the last two years, all the gigs, sessions and journeys. The album is ours, truly belongs to all three of us and all the friends we’ve made along the winding road. We entered the studio late last year with the master producer and musician Gerry Diver (acclaimed for his work with Lisa Knapp, Sam Lee, Tom Robinson). His inventiveness and grasp of folk music provided the catalyst to our creation, moulding the shape and whittling away the bumps.

Through all the blood, sweat and tears, here it is at last. Far From The Tree simply would not have happened were it not for the belief and generosity of our friends. There's ten tracks of painstakingly crafted original tunes, reimagined folk songs, a couple of nods to our largest influences, and a clutch of lyrics from some of the greatest wordsmiths we know. Stephen Muldoon and W. B. Yeats we salute you.

Then the audible became physical, we made a CD. Our album cover features a beautiful sycamore seed sculpture crafted by Cornish artist Billy Wynter, and photographed in the depths of London by TEYR. Shot using a legendary Hasselblad camera on roll film, we ushered the image into life in the darkroom via a performance of its own. Sebastian Henderson then provided the controlled explosion of colour which adorns the CD itself, and man of measure Dan Biddulph assembled the elegant design.

So here it is. You can pre-order a copy now from our website (http://teyr.co.uk/p/listen.html) or wait till next week to download or order directly from a number of outlets:


We can wait to share it with you all!


Between now and the beginning of November we take to the road. Our grand opening London launch is hosted by the Nest Collective and with the incomparable support of Loïc Bléjean and Tad Sargent. Regular tickets are £8 advance and £10 on the door.

28th September 2016 @ The Old Queen’s Head

Elsewhere on the tour we have teamed up with some of our favourite musicians from across these lands, including troubadours Jimmy & Sid, mind-bending improvisers Sink and the impeccable tones of Niamh Boadle. Check out the full list:


23/09 Stroud Folk Fest Ale House
24/09 Shipston-on-Stour The Norman Knight
27/09 Southampton Art House
28/09 London Old Queen’s Head*
29/09 Penzance The Acorn**
30/09 Totnes Acoustic Haven***
02/10 Purbeck Square & Compass
02/10 Brighton Latest Music Barº
06/10 Bristol The Fringeºº
07/10 Priston Village Hallººº
16/10 Norwich Bicycle Shop
19/10 Miserden Carpenters Arms
20/10 Abingdon The Abbey
21/10 Matlock The Fishpond^
24/10 Edinburgh House Concert^^
25/10 Glasgow Hug & Pint
26/10 Aberdeen Blue Lamp
27/10 Inverness Hootananny
31/10 Hawick String Theory
01/11 Newcastle Cumberland Arms^^^
03/11 Essex Loughton Folk Club

^^ Sink & Ilk

We hope the summer glow is holding wherever you may be. Hopefully see you on the next part of journey.

Much love

J, D & T x
We have news. Far From The Tree has been sent to the printers!

Mixing, mastering, artwork, design and manufacture; these are not regular staples of our folk music diet, and by jove have we had an education. Of course, we don’t claim to be seasoned self-releasing professionals, but we do care about the music, which may explain why we’ve taken so much time to ensure the final product is as fully-formed and beautiful as possible.

Final Design of CD Cover

Here’s a little rundown of our movings and shakings over the last three months.

For the artwork we envisaged a photo of a Cornish lantern marooned someplace in the thick of our home city, London. For this we invited artist Billy Wynter to create a sculpture. His sycamore seed fashioned from whithies and papier-mâché finally made the trip up the A30 to London at the end of March. Once there we took it very far from the tree indeed, on a whistle stop tour of all the backstreets which held resonance to our band.

Over several nights we crept around parking lots, canal towpaths, abandoned railway lines, across heaths and under motorways. Our troop with its illuminated seed, dangling wires, heavy coats and photography equipment, resembled something halfway between a pagan procession and a hipster fashion shoot.

Getting the Right Angle

Good old chemical film photography was employed using the mother of all clunky cameras, a Hasselblad. What you see is what you get with these hunks of metal. Looking into its square viewfinder we immediately had the album cover in our sights.

Good Old Film

In response to our album cover, Dominic’s brother Sebastian Henderson created an artwork that echoed our lantern’s golden glow. Sebastian's method, reducing his subject to painted squares, beautifully captured some of our love for simplicity. Here's a preview of his piece.

Sebastian Henderson's Squares

These works and the photography of several others was then assimilated by our wizard designer. Dan Biddulph stepped up to the plate and provided us with a sense of reason to our ramblings. So finally to press!

So finally to press! It’s been emotional and we know the journey has only just begun. It feels like an age since Far From The Tree was funded, and what a different world we seem to exist in now. Though politics of fear seem to have won today, the world still sounds with the voices of many fine people making beautiful things. Hopefully we can all contribute to that.

See you on the road!

Much love J, D & T x

In atypically bad news for TEYR, we announce that Tommie has broken his right hand in a cycling accident. Luckily the fracture was only minor and the NHS is simply incredible. Sadly this means of course that playing accordion is decidedly impossible. Apologies if you were hoping to see us play at any of the festivals in July including Henley Festival, Rollright Fayre, Sea Salts & Sail or elsewhere. With luck and good physiotherapy we’ll be up and squeezing again by August, fingers crossed! (Pun intended)

Tommie's fetching new cast

A final round of credit to our national health service must be made also. Their endless work saving lives and livelihoods is a priceless blessing to this island. What's more, Tommie's treatment could have gone quite differently without the help of our neighbours; his nurse was Portuguese, the consultant surgeons Italian and Belgian, and his treatment coordinator German. If there's a lesson to be learnt, then it's to help one another regardless of nationality, and to help save the NHS. To join one such campaign you can click here.

So, all bone healing progressing as predicted, our next gig will now be Cambridge Folk Festival. See you soon folks!
Cornish artist Billy Wynter is creating a sycamore seed for our album cover. Constructed out of withies and paper, it closely follows the design of the many lanterns that can been seen at west Cornwall solstice festivals such as Golowan and Montol. Once complete, we shall be taking the wing-like sculpture very far from from the tree indeed. Here are some photos of the work in progress.

Initial Sketches

Cross Sections and Spirals
With Billy Wynter in his Studio

2016 beckons and we've a debut album lurking in post-production! In November and December last year we finally committed the last two years of our existence to tape. 'Far From The Tree' is our statement as TEYR, a journey through our collective pasts and a snapshot of our music in motion. It's going to be immense.

Now we need your help! To finish the album we need another £4000 for mastering, manufacture and publicity. We've just launched a Kickstarter campaign raise the funds with 12 awesome rewards up for grabs. So follow the link and get involved, there's only 30 days to hit our target!


About The Album

Working with star producer Gerry Diver at his wonderful studio in South London we have been quietly slaving away. Gerry is a master musician in his own right and has a tremendous back-catalogue of innovative folk music. Using all our pennies earned from a glorious summer of touring across the UK and Ireland we asked Gerry to give us several weeks of his time, recording and producing an hour of the finest folk.

There's ten tracks of painstakingly crafted original tunes, reimagined folk songs, a couple of nods to our largest influences, and a clutch of lyrics from some of the greatest wordsmiths we know. It's the proudest moment for all of us. 'Far From The Tree' was a collaboration in every sense of the word; every track a mediation between three musicians meeting at least once a week over the last goodness-knows-how-many months.

The whittled down collection of ballads and tunes is a condensation of all we've created over the last two years since we formed. It's an incredible moment, to see all these concerts, jams, composing sessions and rehearsals suddenly coalesce into a single listening experience, and we want you to be a part of it.

To hear us talking about the album in more detail, click here.

But now that the recording is done, the journey has only really just begun. Next up we need to:

  • Master the album so that it sounds absolutely fantastic wherever you are.
  • Commission the beautiful artwork which will adorn the cover.
  • Manufacture the blooming thing!
  • Pay for the publicity which will launch the album across the lands.

The money raised here will not completely cover these tasks, but will give us the funds we need to make sure the album arrives on your doorstep. Anything above will help push the album into the stratosphere, sonically and logistically.It's going to be immense, a listening journey between three minds, across several continents and through a gamut of sounds. Thank you to those who've joined us thus far, and welcome to those we've just met. The next few months are going to be our most exciting yet. Go go go!

Risks and Challenges

As with any album project there are a myriad of hurdles to cross. With the recording now paid for and complete, the creative wrangling, sweat and toil is over. But much remains - now to the task of shaping those sounds onto something physical.

We'll be relying upon the skills and availability of several key characters. The mixing talents of our producer (he's a very busy man), a mastering engineer, an artist to create the cover, a passionate publicist and of course our own selves, pushing and organising the whole operation and the upcoming album launch tour.

Even with the tracks on tape, we've set ourselves the conservative deadline of releasing the album in Spring 2016. With so many pieces to the puzzle, we're being careful not to rush. That way we can be sure to have the most beautiful sonic package possible ready to deliver to the world when that day comes.
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